Frequently Asked Questions - Brainspace 6 Upgrade

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Contact Brainspace Support if you have questions that are not addressed here. 

Q: Does Brainspace 6 require more system resources than Discovery?
A: In general, if your infrastructure performed well with Discovery 5, you should have sufficient resources for Brainspace 6. Brainspace 6 does have several powerful new visualizations and advanced investigative analytics and you may want to increase system resources. Also, new analytics, investigation capabilities and foreign language support will require additional disk space. Plan for 10-20% more disk usage (/data and /localdata volumes). 

Q: Can I use my Discovery 5 dataset in Brainspace 6?
A: Only datasets that undergo a Brainspace upgrade from Discovery 5 to Brainspace 6 will support the full investigative analytics in Brainspace 6. There is no non-upgrade migration path. Brainspace recommends upgrading your Discovery instance and any datasets that might be required for investigation in Brainspace 6.0.

Q: I’ve had missing build url issues. Can I still upgrade?
A: Yes, however all data issues will need to be repaired in the database as part of the upgrade process.

Q: I have several builds with no dataset, or datasets where I deleted the build. Can I still upgrade?
A: Both Builds and Datasets are required in Brainspace 6. Any missing components will be recreated as part of the upgrade process.

Q: Can I roll-back to Discovery 5 if I experience problems after upgrading?
A: No. If you discover that your organization is not ready to use Brainspace 6 or experience data problems after the upgrade, you will either need to work through the issues or perform a full system restore from a prior backup or snapshot.

Q: What about dark installs (environments with no internet access or no Brainspace remote access)?
A: A customized upgrade plan will be required. Contact Brainspace Support or Client Services to discuss a specific plan for your organization.

Q: I have an interesting dataset in my Brainspace Beta or RC test environment. Can I upgrade it or migrate it into the GA release?
A: No. The Brainspace 6 GA release does not support upgrades from Beta release candidates. Only datasets on Discovery 5 instances can be upgraded to the Brainspace 6 GA release.

Q: Can I use a single Relativity instance with both Discovery 5 and Brainspace 6?
A: You should not use the same Relativity workspace with multiple instances of Brainspace or Discovery, or you risk overwriting and conflicting changes to your workspace. Further, the Brainspace application and Brainspace Addons installed in Relativity to support formatting for integration should NOT be applied to the whole library if you need to integrate the Relativity instance with multiple Brainspace or Discovery instances; apply the Brainspace Addons ONLY to the appropriate workspace before streaming to Brainspace or Discovery.

There are two additional considerations as follows:

  1. Avoid using the same workspace for multiple, different named builds. Each time a build is completed, fields are overwritten with the overlay. 
  2. A single workspace can support only one Predictive Coding session at a time.

Q: Can I use an Active Directory login for Relativity with my Brainspace 6 integration? What if I have 2-factor (2FA), multi-factor (MFA) or Single-Signon (SSO) enabled in my Relativity environment?
A: Relativity integration to Brainspace requires local user accounts (no Relativity user AD, 2FA, MFA or SSO accounts). Also, any builds completed as a System Admin user cannot be re-ingested with less than System Admin credentials.

Q: What browsers work with Brainspace 6?
A: Chrome 61 to current, Edge 42 to current, Firefox 57 to current and Firefox ESR 52.4 to current.

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