Recommended Upgrade Path Options for Brainspace 6

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There are two upgrade options that will meet the needs for most Brainspace clients.

Option 1 – Upgrade Staging, Train, then Upgrade Production

This is the primary recommended means for upgrading to Brainspace 6. This will allow your team to go through the upgrade process, ensure your datasets and investigations transition seamlessly and provides a training platform for your entire organization to take full advantage of the new features and power of Brainspace 6.


  1. Upgrade your Staging environment.
    1. Ensure your Staging environment is an equivalent model of your Production environment.
    2. Copy Production cases to your Staging environment or refresh your Staging environment using a snapshot of your Production servers to plan the upgrade on conditions as close to Production as possible. Consult Brainspace Support if you have any questions.
    3. Prepare your Staging environment for the upgrade. In some cases, additional server resources may be required. Brainspace 6 provides advanced analytics, which will consume additional resources and disk space. Validate your environment is ready using our automated audit scripts and send us the results.
    4. Pre-upgrade Review - Brainspace Support will perform a readiness review of your environment including a review of existing builds, datasets and work products; noting any items requiring extra attention during the upgrade.
    5. Schedule Staging Upgrade - the upgrade to Brainspace 6 and any 3rd party integration to a test instance will take about 2-4 hours.
  2. Remediate any technical issues encountered during the Staging upgrade to prepare for the Production upgrade. You may also need to clean up data anomalies to ensure a smooth upgrade of your production datasets.
  3. Complete training and ensure readiness at all levels throughout your organization.
    1. IT - All event and error logs are now available through the user interface in Brainspace 6. Any ‘back-end’ or command line modifications performed in Discovery 5 will not be allowed in Brainspace 6 due to the risk of application corruption and instability. Modifications to Brainspace schema via command line or within the database may render the application unsupportable.
    2. Analysts - Brainspace 6 now offers several new powerful analytics tools to enhance your investigations: Continuous Multimodal Learning (CMML or “Camel”), which can be used both with Relativity Integration and independently, Thread Analysis, Conversation Analysis, and several more.
    3. Administrators - Application security needs can now be met with more granular security Groups (replaces previous roles), SAML 2.0 integration and updated connectors for several third-party integrations.
    4. Account and Project Managers - Brainspace has released updated demonstration materials to help you pitch Brainspace 6 to your clients.
  4. Verify existing Production servers meet OS and system resource requirements.  
  5. Complete Production System Validation audit and send results to Brainspace to confirm the environment is ready for upgrade.
  6. Save a full system backup or snapshot.
  7. Schedule final Go/No Go review with the Project Leads from both Brainspace and Client.
  8. Schedule Change Management freeze and outage to upgrade system (up to 1 full day).


  • Provides a comprehensive plan for upgrading from Discovery 5 to Brainspace 6 while ensuring all aspects and needs of the various business units are met, from training to updated workflows and partner selling models.


  • Depending on the number of active datasets, the upgrade may take several hours, resulting in up to a full day of downtime.
  • Environments with lots of manual and command line intervention to ingest and manage data may experience difficulties upgrading. If you have experienced the “Build URL” issue due to out-of-sequence server restarts or unstable NFS mounts or had problems deleting builds through the user interface, additional care and attention will be required during preparation and execution of the upgrade.
  • Important:  Only completed and closed Predictive Coding (PC) sessions from Discovery 5 can be upgraded for viewing in Brainspace 6. Active Discovery 5 PC sessions cannot be upgraded to Brainspace 6, and completed/closed PC sessions from Discovery 5 cannot be reopened for additional training rounds in Brainspace 6 (they will be read-only/viewable only). You will, however, be able to begin a new Brainspace 6 PC session from the Relativity workspace after the completed upgrade.
  • There is no ability to “roll back” to Discovery 5 after an upgrade. If you discover that your organization is not ready to use Brainspace 6 or experience data problems after the upgrade, you will either need to work through the issues or perform a full system restore from a prior backup or snapshot.


Option 2 – Parallel Deployment on Brainspace 6
Deploy a new Brainspace 6 instance to support all of your new projects. Maintain your legacy Discovery 5 instance until currently active projects are completed and archived.


  1. Deploy new Brainspace 6 instance to be used, initially for training and operational readiness. Once your organization is ready to take advantage of the power of Brainspace 6, this environment becomes your Production environment for all new projects.
    • Be sure to maintain a Brainspace 6 Staging environment to ensure you can continue to adopt new configurations and workflows without impacting your Production instance.
  2. Once all projects currently in Discovery 5 are completed and archived, perform an upgrade on your Discovery 5 instance to make those investigations/datasets available to use in Brainspace 6 in the event they are ever reopened. No Work Product can be migrated to Brainspace 6, except through the application upgrade effort. If you are certain those projects will not need to be reopened, no upgrade will be necessary.


  • Maintain Discovery 5 instance availability and avoid disruptions to any currently active projects.
  • Greater operational flexibility in that end users, while finishing projects in Discovery 5, receive training and become comfortable with navigating Brainspace 6 before beginning a new project in the tool.

Applicable to clients who:

  • Have a licensing model that allows multiple instances and sufficient capacity for multiple environments.


  • Requires additional server resources provisioned (i.e. parallel instance)
  • Datasets from your Discovery 5 environment can only be migrated to your Brainspace 6 environment after a completed upgrade – No Work Product will be migrated (saved searches, Focuses, Collections, etc.) using the parallel option!


Upgrading from Brainspace Discovery 5.3 (or earlier) versions

  • Customers must upgrade first to Discovery 5.4 or 5.5, then to Brainspace 6; strong recommendation to use the Parallel Deployment approach.
  • If a customer wishes to proceed with a Parallel Deployment approach and needs to resurrect / add datasets later after legacy 5.3 (or earlier) instance is decommissioned, their only option is to load original DAT file or re-stream from Relativity to create a new dataset (i.e. no supported path to retain any work product, etc. via backup and restore).
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